Sunday, December 14, 2008

Jersey Boys is a new favorite. Amazing show!

Today Dale and I braved the cold temperatures, icy roads and traffic to head to the Buell Theatre to see the musical Jersey Boys. The musical features the story and music of The Four Seasons, centered around their rise (and fall) from blue-collar Jersey kids to du-wop sensations in the 1960s.

The musical was AMAZING. I would place this show in my top 5 favorites. I am so glad we had the opportunity to see it and did not let the weather stop us. Not only was the music wonderful, but the story was compelling too. In a sea of bad musical, this show truly rises to the top. I recommend it to everyone.

Personally, I am a lover of 60's music. I grew up listening to groups like the Four Seasons, the Beach Boys, the Crystals, the Supremes, the Drifters and the Temptations. Even though I grew up in the 70s, my parents were not into the disco or rock of that decade, instead we typically listened to 60s music. It has always felt comfortable and safe to me. It still does.

A great afternoon. My thanks to my friend Terri who attended the show last night and told me not to miss it today.

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  1. I truly love that show. I grew up with my dad going on and on about how good Frankie was and I'm so glad he did. I too have searched endlessly for a biography of sorts for them, but never found anything worthwhile.

    As for Jersey Boys, I have seen it in San Francisco while tickets were cheap.. and London and both were amazing nights.